5 Foodie Gifts for 2019 Valentine Day

The sweetest day of the year is nearly here and love is in the air. As an alternative of gifting loved ones an item, present them an experience in the form of food that will satisfy their curiosity while also reminding them of your deepest deliberation.

If you’re lucky enough love someone more than food or equal to food then rejoice that love with the following foodie gifts in 2019 which are the only suitable gift to show how much you care.

The idea of making this day unusual and unforgettable for your loved one gives expression to your unspoken emotions. Discovering a special gift is tough, but if food has always been the first love of your beloved one then this list can save your day and make your valentine’s day an ideal one.

Jar Cake ( For Her)

cake on jars

This stunning dessert can brighten up your girl’s Valentine if she really loves cakes. It looks heavenly and tastes even better. Enclosed in a jar, it can be prepared in diverse rainbow color layers which will be the wonderful Valentine’s gift.

Personalized Chocolate Box (For Her)

Chocolate can enliven every girl’s mood. You can specially select her favorite chocolate absolutely for this hamper and let her be familiar with what she means to you. Include a unique message along with each chocolate and make this Valentine’s Day the most special one for her.

Tea Box (For her)

If your beloved girl is a total chai lover and can’t stay alive a single day without a hot cup of tea, then this gift is certainly for her. Get ready a set of special flavors of tea like green tea, organic tea, masala tea, and herbal tea. Surely this handy gift will be completely appreciated by her.

Energy Bars (For him)

Guys are habitually into fitness and if your guy is one of them, then these energy bars will be the perfect gift for him. Handpick his much-loved flavors and let him know that you care about his sweet tooth cravings but can’t compromise on his wellbeing.

Coffee Box (For him)

If your guy is a workaholic and stays on the desk for long hours, then this gift will be a valuable one for him. Present him a set of coffee beans with an extraordinary message and enjoy your Valentine’s date with a hot cup of coffee.

Protein Shaker (For him)

It is an ideal gift if your loved guy is love to be in shape and is involved in a lot of physical activities like cycling or running. A cool protein shaker can be a useful gift if he is a fitness freak. This one can also act as a sign of inspiration if he is planning to go to the gym. It will definitely keep reminding him of you.


Some people are very expressive about what they feel but some people don’t have this quality.  Most of the partners definitely have an idea about this still they hope and expect of getting special treatment on this beautiful day. As Valentine’s Day is here, you can choose the right gift for your loved one from above which can define your love.

January 21, 2019