One of the many cherished relationships in our society is of friendship.  It probably surpasses and takes the precedence over many of our other relationship, even the blood relations.  Many place friendship even ahead of family bonds.  Therefore, it is only befitting that as important a relationship of our lives be celebrated by assigning a special day for it.

Brief background about the day

The United Nations set July 30 as Friendship Day; however, many countries, including India, celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.  This year, India will celebrate Friendship Day on August 5. So hope you are getting on with preparations for this special day with your friends.

Friendship Day in India

In India, friendship day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, especially by the youth, the same way it is done in many countries.  This day has gained momentum in recent years so much so that it feels like celebrating a religious festival.  People exchange gifts, spend time with their friends, which otherwise is hard to accomplish given the fast-paced environment with live in today.

How to make the day memorable?

Friends do outings together, go to movies, dining together, etc.  Depending on the age groups also, the celebrations vary. Here are a few ways young minds celebrate the spirit of Friendship Day:

Gifts:  As customary with many other occasions we celebrate, exchange of gifts is a common phenomenon on Friendship day.  A good and true friend is very hard to find, so the gifts also are very special and unique, portraying the mood and value of friendships that we share.  Some common gifts people give on this day are wristbands, cards, flowers, etc.

Pink Carnation Basket for friendship day

Friendship Day Basket

Friendship Card

Friendship card

Friendship Band

Friendship Band

Social outings:  People find time on this day to hang around with their friends by going out together, maybe for a movie, dinner, sightseeing, or just hanging out at their “joints” that rekindle memories of their friendship.

Special programs:  Many events are organized keeping in mind the friendship day.  In schools and colleges, programs such as singing competition, dance competition, etc are organized which enhance the value of this day.  In colleges especially, this day is also seen as an opportunity to win new friends and to get closer to older ones and possibly propose to that one special friend with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

One special way, traditional and still relevant, to express our feelings is through flowers.  Different flowers have different meanings assigned to them.  For example, a pink rose is widely accepted to denote appreciation, gratitude; a yellow rose to denote friendship, joy; a red rose denotes love, romance.  Keeping this in mind, gifting flowers to celebrate friendship day aptly expresses our emotions without having to say them.


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July 19, 2018