Red Roses to Add the Extra Spark to Your Valentine’s Celebrations

The Season of Love Nears

Thomas Merton aptly summed up the essence of Valentine’s Day in his saying, “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”

The season of Valentine’s Day is when lovers all around the world take time off of their mundane and hectic lives, and their tireless efforts to make a living, turn towards their partners for a week, and in their own small ways express how much they mean to them.

red roses

Say More with Red Roses

For time immemorial, red roses have been synonymous with Valentine’s, or rather the whole expression of passionate love and romance. Offering red roses to your partner on Valentine’s is you adhering to an age old tradition, which remains prevalent and equally blissful even today.
Red roses are prerequisites to a happy Valentine’s Day celebration. You could bring in the most expensive chocolates, get dressed in the charming clothes and book a date at the most exquisite restaurant in town. But without a good bunch of red roses, you are just missing the mark.
Red roses depict a union that is meant to last for a lifetime. And just the thing that makes roses a tad bit risky to hold recklessly – its thorns – renders roses a deeper meaning. They represent that love is not all hearts and Cupid arrows, but a decision made to last for life.
It represents the conscious decision you make to want to be with a person. And that is primarily why roses are such an inseparable part of Valentine’s Day – they represent complete love, with all its ups and downs.

Know What the Roses Say

For those of you who have not ventured into the floral kingdom all that much would definitely not be able to tell a daisy from a sunflower, much less know what different hues of the same flower represent.
So for all those novices, here is a comprehensive list of what different hues of roses mean.
Red Roses 
Deep passionate love is perceived to be red, and that is exactly what a red rose represents. It symbolizes passionate love and an ardent desire to be with the person you love; facing difficulties courageously and the hope for a life well lived.
White Roses
An uncanny option to go for; while the red roses indicate passionate love, white rose expresses purity and innocent love, one which meant to last forever.
Coral Roses
Indicate a deep desire to spend the rest of the life with a person, as it represents the feeling of belonging.
Red and White Roses
Who said you can’t be all of what’s in front of. Say more with more hued flowers, and express all that you have kept in for so long. Red and white roses together speak a lot about the love you have for the person.

Root of the Rose

In conclusion, roses may be of a many variants, far more than what we have mentioned here. But for you to say the right thing, you knowing what they stand for, is essential.
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December 14, 2018