What Are You Gifting Your Dad this Father’s Day?

Your dad is the solid foundation on which you build your life, aspirations, and happiness. He is the one who works hard to provide a fulfilling life to you, and yet finds time to listen, play, and interact with you. Right from your earliest years, you would have seen him walking beside you as a mentor, friend, and a guide. He always showers unconditional love, bonding, and friendship.

Isn’t it time you did the same to him?

Show him what he means to you this Fathers’ Day on 17th June 2018!

Father’s Day is widely observed to celebrate the unbreakable bond between a father and his children. It gives you the chance to rejoice the joys of having your father in your life. It is your way of thanking your father for all the sacrifices he had made to make the world a little better for you.

Did you know how this custom started?

It was exactly 100 years ago in 1909 that a woman Sonora Smart Dodd (from Spokane, Washington, USA) wanted to honor her father William Jackson Smart. She wanted to recognize his efforts in single handedly raising six children after her mother’s death.

She chose June 5th (her father’s birthday) and petitioned for the same. Spokane’s Mayor allotted June 19th as Father’s Day and this is how an international custom celebrating fatherhood was incepted. Here are some interesting highlights of the chronology around Father’s Day celebration

1. June 19, 1910 – First Father’s Day celebrated after Sonora’s petition in Spokane
2. 1913 – President Woodrow Wilson visits Spokane and strongly supports having a national holiday to celebrate Father’s Day
3. 1924 – Father’s Day gets unofficial support from President Calvin Coolidge
4. 1938 – Father’s Day Council, founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers. This organization helped to systematize the holiday’s commercial promotion and improve its outreach
5. 1966 – There were protests against US Congress for ignoring fathers and celebrating Mother’s Day for 40 years. Post this, President Lyndon Johnson issued the first official proclamation citing the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day
6. 1972 – President Nixon signs off on a law that makes this day as official Father’s Day and a national holiday

What to gift your dad on this Father’s Day?

Your Dad is your one constant companion in your teenage life. Right from teaching you cycling and swimming, to nurturing your growth in the best possible way, a father is rightly an equal half to a mother.

He is with you from the moment you are born, take your first steps, your first day in school, helping with your homework, acting as your chauffeur, and guiding you in your college years. He is your advisor, your confidant, and your friend when you take the first step starting a new career. You look up to him for advice on money, marriage, kids, and life in general.

Here are a few reasons why we celebrate Father’s Day and you should too:

1 – They are our hero
Right from when you learn walking to when you learn driving, you have your dad by your side. For boys, he is the perfect role model and for girls, he is the first love of her life.

2 – Invaluable advice
You can depend on dad to dole out some of the life’s worthiest advice. The advice not only gives you guidance and direction but also helps you make wise decisions.

3 – Dads help out
Be it cooking, watching moves, going for sport events, walking in a park, or helping in studies, your dad is the one that helps you in various ways.

4 – Dads work around the limitations
Be it sleeping time, watching movies, or binging on ice cream, you can have your dad as a co-conspirator to break the strict rules of the house set up by mom.

5 – They are the child’s first bank
Right from shopping for prom and enrolling for upcoming field trips, to buying new action figures or bicycles, a dad helps out with all scale and size of investments.

On Father’s Day it is your turn to show how much you appreciate all that he has done for you. Right from belts and perfumes to watches and diaries, there are a host of gift options that can make him feel special and loved.

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1 – Tie
Add to your dad’s collection of ties with a practical yet affordable option – the humble tie. Whenever he puts it on, he will be sure to remember you with fondness. The best part about it is that this piece of accessory won’t drain your budget.

2 – Flowers
How about showering flowers that honor the spirit of fatherhood and parenthood? Here are some great flower arrangements that are sure to liven up his day and brighten up the mood on Father’s Day:
1. New Floral Basket
2. Under Vase arrangement
3. 5 Strelitzia with vase
4. 50 yellow carnations bunch
5. Mix Roses basket
6. White roses bunch
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3 – Jackets
Bring out the adventurous side in him with a cool jacket. It will not only help him stay warm on a chilly night, but only elevate his cool quotient.

4 – Customized coffee mug
Imagine having a snuggly photo with your dad resting on his desk at all times. This can be done by getting a personalized coffee mug with that irresistible photo of both of you smiling together.

What would you be gifting your dad on his special day? Do write to us and let us know.

June 8, 2018