Midnight Delivery accept orders for delivery at midnight.

If the recipient's birthday or any event is on 25 September, select the 24 September date of delivery (we will deliver your order from 11:45 to 12:00 midnight)
Please provide the correct recipient details such as address and phone number.
If the recipient is in any hotel, we cannot guarantee that the hotel staff will deliver the gift to the recipient at midnight.
If the recipient does not open the door, in this case, your order will be treated as a delivered order.
Sometimes It can be difficult for us to find the recipient's house at midnight, in which case, we will call the recipient for details of the place, if the recipient does not pick up the phone, we can call the sender.

Same Day Midnight Orders

You can order flowers and cakes for same-day delivery at midnight in Delhi and NCR. For midnight delivery on the same day (today) you have to order before 8:00 pm. We always try to give gifts at midnight on the same day, even you place an order after 8:00 pm. If you have ordered for midnight delivery today after 8:00 pm and we are not able to deliver it overnight, your order will be delivered the next morning and your midnight charges will be returned to your account. You should know that due to lack of some flowers at night, we may have to change colors or types of flowers without your permission.